Our Story

Rooted in tradition and fueled by innovation, AcuSpray’s story is a powerful blend of deep agricultural roots and forward-thinking technology. Our heritage in farming, spanning generations, laid the foundation for a company dedicated to redefining the landscape of agriculture, turf management, and conservation.

The genesis of AcuSpray was marked by a crucial project led by our COO, Aaron Duval, in Jamaica. Confronted with a severe food shortage and a lack of agricultural infrastructure, Aaron’s humanitarian vision and innovative approach led to the adoption of drone spray technology. This was not just a business endeavor but a mission to revive agriculture in a community facing crisis. The success of this project highlighted the vast potential of drone technology in transforming land care practices beyond traditional agriculture.

This breakthrough led to the realization of how such technology could revolutionize various sectors. It wasn’t long before the unique capabilities of our drones began making waves. Whether it’s increasing operational efficiency in agriculture by over 30%, redefining turf management for golf courses, or tackling invasive species in conservation areas, AcuSpray stands at the forefront of sustainable land care solutions.

Our story, while rooted in the past, is vibrantly growing into the future. It’s a tale of adapting, overcoming, and leading the way in sustainable land care. With each step, AcuSpray is crafting a legacy of innovation, stewardship, and excellence – a legacy we invite you to be a part of.