Invasive Species Control

AcuSpray is at the forefront of innovation, offering cutting-edge drone technology solutions for the control of invasive species. Positioned in the heartland of the Great Lakes region, we stand ready to collaborate with local, state, and federal agencies, conservation districts, and research institutions to safeguard our precious ecosystems. As specialists in drone-assisted species management, we are uniquely equipped to tackle the challenges invasive species pose to our diverse habitats.

Plant Invaders

Whether it's infiltrating dense stands of Phragmites, Japanese Knotweed, or Garlic Mustard, or maneuvering through confined spaces such as stormwater drainage channels in bustling urban landscapes, AcuSpray rises to the challenge. Our cutting-edge drone technology excels at navigating around obstacles like power lines and overpasses, ensuring our spray reaches the invasive species, no matter their location. This innovative and adaptable solution empowers us to effectively control the spread of these destructive plant invaders, thereby playing a crucial role in the preservation and resilience of Michigan's diverse ecosystems.

Aquatic Invaders

Aquatic ecosystems are under threat from invaders such as Eurasian Watermilfoil and Zebra and Quagga Mussels. These invasive species disrupt the ecological balance and outcompete native species, causing severe damage. AcuSpray's advanced drone technology presents a pioneering solution to this issue. We offer targeted, efficient, and far more effective treatment strategies compared to traditional methods, specifically designed to combat these aquatic threats. Our approach drastically curbs the spread of these species, restoring the health of our cherished lakes and waterways, thus bolstering the rich aquatic biodiversity of Michigan and the broader Great Lakes region.

Insect Invaders

Invasive insects like the Emerald Ash Borer pose significant threats to the health of Michigan's forests. At AcuSpray, we deploy cutting-edge drone technology, equipped with multispectral cameras, to identify and target infestations often overlooked by the human eye. This rapid response capability allows us to efficiently administer insecticides over expansive ash populations, curbing the spread of destructive pests more effectively than traditional methods. Through such precision-targeted strategies, we're making great strides in forest preservation and the combat against these destructive invaders.
Are you part of an agency on a mission to protect and restore natural habitats from the damaging effects of invasive species? At AcuSpray, we stand ready to join forces. With our cutting-edge drone technology, we offer targeted, efficient solutions that far surpass traditional methods. Our operations cover terrestrial, aquatic, and insect invaders, providing comprehensive invasive species control. Reach out to AcuSpray today. Let’s combine our resources and expertise to reclaim and safeguard our invaluable ecosystems. Your action today can make a difference for our shared tomorrow.

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