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A Business Model as Innovative as Our Tech.

The FlightLine Network, AcuSpray’s franchising model, is designed to offer franchisees significant earning potential, particularly related to passive income, in several innovative ways:

Passive Income Stream

Franchisees in the FlightLine Network are encouraged to recruit new individuals. For every recruit they onboard, franchisees earn a percentage from every acre covered by these recruits. This structure isn’t limited to a one-time incentive but offers a continuous stream of passive income. This means that franchisees benefit financially not only from their direct operations but also from the activities of those they bring into the network​​.

Hierarchal Earnings Structure

The FlightLine Network features a multi-layered earning structure. This allows franchisees to benefit from several tiers within their network, not just from their direct recruits. This hierarchical system of earnings amplifies the potential for passive income, as franchisees can earn from the successes of a broader network, extending beyond their immediate recruits​​.

Incentivization for Growth

AcuSpray’s franchising model is specifically designed to incentivize growth. This is achieved through bonuses and opportunities for profit-sharing. By actively encouraging the recruitment of new Flight Directors, the model not only extends AcuSpray’s reach but also builds and strengthens the FlightLine Network. The franchising approach supports the rapid scaling-up of the network, ensuring that franchisees who contribute to the network’s growth share in the company’s overall success​​.

The calculator below helps you understand how recruiting Flight Directors can offset your royalty fee to AcuSpray.

FlightLine Network Earnings Calculator

Enter the number of recruits at each level:

This Effective Royalty Rate Calculator is provided as a tool for illustrative and informational purposes only. The results presented are not guaranteed and should not be considered as financial, legal, or tax advice. The actual effective royalty rate may vary based on your specific circumstances, including but not limited to, the performance of your recruits, actual acres flown, and changes in revenue per acre. AcuSpray’s base royalty fee remains fixed at 20% of your revenue, and the calculator shows a hypothetical scenario of how your effective royalty rate could be offset by recruiting additional Flight Directors. We encourage users to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding all personal finance issues. AcuSpray is not responsible for any actions taken based on the information provided by this calculator.

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