The AcuSpray A450 Spray Drone Trailer: Leading the Charge in Spray Drone Efficiency

Discover the AcuSpray A450, a Spray Drone Trailer uniquely crafted for the demands of precision agriculture and spray drone operations. Merging robust functionality with state-of-the-art design, the A450 is your dependable partner in the field

Trailer Specifications


100” in width and 24’ in length, featuring an 8’ enclosed area and 16’ open deck for versatile operations.


Equipped with 7000# torsion axles and electric brakes for reliable and smooth transportation.


Built with 16” OC Cross Members and protected with a 24” Front Stone Guard to withstand the rigors of off-road use.


2-5/16” adjustable 14K Coupler for secure attachment and towing.


4 5000# D Ring tie-downs on the open deck secure your load, complemented by stylish Black Aluminum Wheels.


A lean 4,500# curb weight allows for a significant 8,500# payload capacity.

Observation Deck


An 8’x5’ Aluminum Observation Deck offers a spacious platform with Premium Aluminum Decking.


42” tall folding Aluminum Railing and a 30” Gate ensure pilot safety during operations.


An Aluminum Ladder provides easy access, with a Folding Landing Pad featuring Expanded Metal decking and adjustable Aluminum legs.

Electrical System

Generator Box

A tongue-mounted sound-dampening generator box designed for compatibility with a variety of units.

Climate Control

A 13.5 BTU Roof AC keeps the enclosed space comfortable in all weather conditions.

Power Supply

A 50 amp panel with a motor base plug, including (2) 20 amp 110v GFI Recept Exterior, (2) 20 amp 110v GFI Recept Interior, and (1) 220v 50A Recept Nema 14-50R, caters to all your electrical needs.



18” Porch/Loading lights located above the loading door and generator box for optimal illumination.


(2) 24” surface mount lights and a 12v light maintain visibility inside the trailer.


A 50” LED light bar enhances visibility on the Rear deck, perfect for night operations or early morning starts.

A Trailer Designed for SPray Drone Efficiency

The A450 is not just built, it’s engineered for ease of use and efficiency. Every aspect, from the folding Aluminum Railing on the observation deck to the stowed vertical landing pad for transport, is designed to streamline your workflow and maximize productivity.

Built for the Field

With robust construction and thoughtful design, the A450 Spray Drone Trailer is suited for the varied landscapes and rigorous demands of modern agriculture. Its durability ensures it can handle the toughest of field conditions, making it a reliable addition to your precision farming arsenal.

A dual-axle spray drone trailer with an enclosed front, flatbed rear, and elevated observation deck

Join the AcuSpray Revolution!

The A450 is more than a trailer; it’s a statement of advanced agricultural practice. By choosing the A450, you’re not only investing in a trailer, you’re embracing the future of farming. Welcome to the next level of spray drone efficiency.