DJI Mavic 3M


Unveil the Invisible, Command the Fields

Maximize agricultural management with the DJI Mavic 3M drone. Dual cameras and multispectral imaging offer precise surveying and data accuracy for smart farming.


Unveiling the DJI Mavic 3M – AcuSpray’s solution to smart, precise, and portable aerial surveying. Designed for the dedicated farmer, this drone merges a high-resolution RGB camera with a powerful multispectral camera array, capturing the full picture of crop health and growth.

Product Features:

Compact & Portable: Easily folded for convenient storage and transport, the Mavic 3M is ready to go where your agriculture demands.
Multispectral Camera Array: Four 5MP cameras (G/R/RE/NIR) offer detailed insights into crop vitality, providing data for informed agricultural decision-making.
High-Resolution RGB Camera: A 20MP sensor with a 4/3 CMOS and mechanical shutter captures every detail from above.
Safety First: Navigate with confidence with omnidirectional obstacle avoidance and up to 15km transmission distance for expansive reach.
RTK Module: Achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy for detailed and reliable data capture.
Efficient Surveying: Cover up to 200 hectares on a single flight, thanks to its efficient design and extended battery life.
Integrated Imaging System: Benefit from an upgraded imaging system that includes a 20MP RGB camera alongside four 5MP multispectral cameras.
Precise Operation: The Mavic 3M, with its RTK module and multispectral imaging, is perfect for high-precision aerial surveying and crop monitoring.


Orchard Mapping: Navigate complex terrains with ease for detailed orchard mapping and analysis.
Variable Rate Application Guidance: Generate NDVI maps and guide agricultural drones for efficient resource application.
Intelligent Field Scouting: Perform automatic field scouting and real-time analysis for timely agricultural interventions.
Environmental Monitoring: Use the Mavic 3M for various natural resource surveys, enhancing environmental management practices.

In The Box:

DJI Mavic 3M Drone
Dual FPV Cameras
Multispectral Camera System
RTK Module
Sunlight Sensor
Fast Charging Hub
Intelligent Flight Battery
User Manual
Whether you’re conducting in-depth crop analysis, mapping out your next big yield, or surveying the land for environmental conservation, the Mavic 3M is your reliable partner, combining portability with high-end agricultural drone technology. AcuSpray’s commitment to precision and reliability is embodied in every flight with the Mavic 3M​​.

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